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Over the weekend the Education and Skills Funding Agency, published the Dedicated schools grant (DSG) funding arrangement for local authorities (LAs) and schools.

We have updated our LA resources pages that includes links to the data.

This resource can be used to view LA funding of schools, including the pupil premium and High Needs Pupils Numbers.

Taking the London Borough of Havering as an example, in 2020 there were 45 pupils who were funded to attend independent schools. All possessed an EHCP. Put another way, the LA did not fund any pupil to attend an independent school without an EHCP.

A total of 370 pupils were deemed High Needs Block Basic Entitlement. 112 pupils were estimated as eligible for the Disability Access Fund.

The overall funding has been static from 2020 to 2021.

These are raw numbers and will need to be interpreted. They need to set in the context of local population growth, number of special needs and high needs children. Nevertheless, feel free to download the resources and play around with the numbers to see your LA’s state of affairs and school funding situation.


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